Eric Schiffer helps you to stay healthy and fit

Are you suffering from spinal discomfort? Do you want to effective treatment without taking lots of medicinal drugs? If yes, office of Dr. Eric Schiffer is for you.
Who is Eric Schiffer?
Eric Schiffer or Dr. Eric Schiffer is the popular chiropractor who helps patients to stay healthy and live a better life. He has got expertise in chiropractic, and years of experience help him to treat effectively his patients. His unique ‘whole person approach’ helps him to diagnose the underlying causes of such conditions. After fully aware of the root causes of the conditions, Dr. Eric Schiffer proceeds further with his chiropractic techniques to give you relief from pains and discomfort.
What are the methods by which he treats his patients?
Dr. Eric Schiffer takes various approaches to treat his patients and some of the major ways are
Chiropractic care
Dr. Eric Schiffer’s chiropractic care consists of latest chiropractic techniques. The process involves advanced corrective measures that are highly comfortable and safer. This method is highly helpful to adjust your spinal misalignment.
Corrective exercises
These exercises are to correct your problems. They also help to strengthen your muscles and tissues and bones. Once learnt the techniques, you can practice them at your home. They are easy to learn and are comfortable to do with. So, you can do the exercises at your own and at your comfortable time without compromising your daily schedule.
Nutritional counseling
This method is to recommend you specific nutritional supplements, if you need, and to make diet chart for you. These will help you to get back on your optimal health condition. The nutritional program is structured and this will help you to stay healthy and fit all the ways.
Spinal and postural screenings
These screenings will help you to know the importance of health. They will also open the door to reach the world of wellbeing and good health. The interesting part of these programs is that Dr. Eric Schiffer and his staff provides screenings at different area malls, places of employment, health fairs, and community events.
Massage therapy
This is a natural and conservative way to treat the patients and restore their good condition. This will help you to get relieve from musculoskeletal pains. The massage therapy is highly beneficial for bringing range of motions, aid in recovery, relaxing muscles, reducing swelling, and relieving spasms and muscle pains.

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